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Leash Luggage - $15.00/$18.00
  • Holds and dispenses recycled plastic grocery bags for each doggy clean up
  • Attaches to all leash styles
  • House key holder and a special walker's I.D. card included
  • Special pocket for doggy Treats and other needs
Goochie Poochie Leash Luggage (Add $3.00)
Prints are placed on the pocket flap.
Leopard Zebra Rainbow  
Item #: 98005

H2O Bowl-On-The-Go - $12.00
  • Holds water/food for your fine furry friend
  • Folds up compact - fits into Leash Luggage
  • For walking, running, hiking or just to have in your glove box of the car
Suzi-Q Leash Holder - $15.00
  • Holds your dogs leash between doggy walks
  • Mounts on the wall
  • Attractive and convenient
  • No more hunting for missing leash
Item #: 98007
Item #: 98001

Fly-Away Toy - $6.00
  • Great toy to exercise your dog with
  • Flies with ease
  • Folds to fit into Carry-All-Tote
Carry-All-Tote - $12.00
  • Attaches to leash and holds tennis balls, water bottle, flyaway or phone
  • Fits on leash when Leash Luggage is attached
  • Small pocket for money or identification
  • Black Only
Item #: 98009
Item #: 98003

No Pooping Sign - $8.00

Post this sign in your yard and everyone will know you are an evironmentally concerned dog owner. Laminated and water resistant. (12" x 9")
Item #: 98010